Handbook on Hebrews through Revelation

Biblical Foundations
Biblical Foundations
Handbook on Hebrews through Revelation

Episode 34

In this episode we discuss how to approach interpreting the General Epistles and Revelation and Andreas Köstenberger’s new book Handbook on Hebrews through Revelation published by Baker Academic.


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  1. Michael B. Smith

    At last Kosbtenberger gives us a non-polemic approach the Revelation. The four visions of John:
    1. The exalted Jesus.
    2. God’s judgement on the unbelieving world.
    3. The woman of Babylon (Rome.) and
    4. The New Jerusalem.
    give us a lens through which to examine this most difficult of New Testament scripture.

    I am grateful that the good Dr. continues his approachable style I first encountered in his theology of John.

    Michael Smith
    Eden Prairie, MN

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